100 Things

a bucket list



way back in 2011, Inspired by lots of other bloggers and friends who have posted their 100 things to-do bucket list I made my own.  After reading a book called "168 Hours, you have more time than you think you do" by Laura Vanderkam I was extra fired up to make my list.  In her books Laura devotes an entire page of free space to start writing out your 100 things.  I wanted to share mine with you.

This week I was talking to a friend and he was sharing his bucket list items with me.  When I looked at my list to share mine with him I was startled to see that I’d completed over half of the items on my bucket list!

Ever since that conversation I’ve become acutely aware that I should dream bigger!  (Which truth be told, I tell my client’s all the time!) I’ve proved to myself that if I can dream it up and if I really want it, I can make it happen! Turns out I really should take my own advice more often.

Looking through the list this week I’ve made some changes, hint there are now more than 100 things on my bucket list and I’ve divided this list into two sections.  The first section is items I’m working on the second section are things I’ve checked off and have done. 

Originally I started this bucket list around 6-7 years ago after seeing a lot of the other bloggers I followed create something similar.  The advice on creating your own bucket list was to write down 100 things that you’ve always wanted to do.  They said you can include things that were bucket list items but that you’ve already completed, it helps give you confidence that you can complete what you want and desire. 

If you are starting your own bucket list (and you should!) My advice here is don’t limit yourself.  If you want something write it down.  Don’t worry about how long it will take or how much work is involved, listen to what your soul is whispering to you because often the first step is simply acknowledging the voice that’s talking to you.  Become aware of the desires within and then after sitting with them for a while look for the ways you can go after them and make them happen, don’t look for the road blocks.  If you look for roadblocks you’ll find roadblocks.  If you look for solutions you’ll find a path, I won’t promise it will be easy I promise there will be a path. 

When was the last time you assessed what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go?  Intention and putting pen to paper is powerful beyond your wildest imagination. 

Dream it up, write it down and make it happen because you can.  Then Share with us what you’re up to!  Share your bucket list so we can help support what you’re working towards. 


  1. Live in a house by the sea for a little while
  2. Own a tear drop trailer and work nomadically sometimes from the tear drop
  3. Own the right vehicle to pull said tear drop trailer.
  4. Go on a NOLs course
  5. Go on a 6 month sabbatical in France
  6. Keep Chickens
  7. Ride ragbrai
  8. Build my business into a multi-million dollar company that I run
  9. Lead 4 retreats a year, 2 international and 2 domestic. 
  10. Dance more for fun, salsa dancing, hip hop ect.
  11. Learn to speak French fluently
  12. Consistently help other women get clear on their goals.
  13. Be a good listener and friend to my loved ones and family
  14. Teach yoga and do my coaching work with women at a women’s shelter.
  15. Take another photography class to get better at taking pictures
  16. Go on Jennifer Louden’s Tao’s retreat.
  17. Work on my positive psychology certification (this begins October 2017)
  18. Launch an on-line coaching course
  19. Host Webinars for my business
  20. Pay off my parent’s home and take care of their health insurance so that they can stop working so hard and focus on their own dreams
  21. Be a bigger volunteer/advocate for my community.
  22. Go on a week-long wine tour in CA
  23. Be Financial sound out of debt+good savings (doing)
  24. Learn to read, speak and write Sanskrit
  25. Take a Weekend trip to New York City (planned for October 2017)
  26. Go on a week-long fishing trip to the Bahamas to fish for bone fish
  27. Go on a 10 day Vipasana silent meditation retreat
  28. learn to play the harmonium (working on this)
  29. Become a Lululemon ambassador
  30. Maintain a kick-ass blog (working on it)
  31. Write a book (working on it)
  32. Have a complete spa day complete with mani, pedi, facial, massage, hair and makeup.  Finish the day with a fancy dinner at Print works bistro and maybe even go out dancing!
  33. Attend the Statesville Hot-Air Ballon festival
  34. Go on a hot-air balloon ride
  35. Go to India (doing August 2017)
  36. Go to Greece (doing September 2017)
  37. Take a Train Ride across the US.
  38. Spend a week at a cottage on the beach by myself.
  39. Be in a small French mountain town watching the Tour De France Fly by
  40. Have my own column in a popular magazine or blog
  41. Be on the cover of a magazine
  42. Take a year-long sabbatical to do something interesting (kinda doing 2017 the year of the travel)
  43. Volunteer to teach yoga twice a month at a women's shelter and at a nursing home
  44. Visit Bali
  45. Catch a BIG fish!
  46. Go deep-sea fishing
  47. Go on a week-long hiking trip
  48. Spend a week in the boundary waters
  49. Go car free
  50. Take an anatomy and physiology class
  51. Attend a 7 day cadaver dissection for body workers
  52. send my parents on a week-long all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas or Europe
  53. See my dad do his story-telling thing on stage
  54. Hike more
  55. Go Fishing with my dad as an adult
  56. Stay at the Grove park inn
  57. be awarded 40 under 40 by the Greensboro Business Journal
  58. Grow Asparagus
  59. Take a train from Seattle to Portland.
  60. Visit Vietnam
  61. Visit Morocco
  62. Visit
  63. Create my own day planner for my clients
  64. Take a refresher course in sewing
  65. Learn more about neuropsychology
  66. Get a better DSL camera for my photography
  67. Go on a Tony Robbins workshop/retreat
  68. Work with or be interviewed by Mario Forleo
  69. Meet with and work with Danielle Laporte
  70. See Hamilton
  71. Be a paid speaker
  72. Throw a big annual gala that raises money for an organization that needs it.
  73. Find and marry the right partner that challenges me and helps me grow and I do the same for them. 
  74. Work with Elizabeth Gilbert
  75. Collaborate and support as many female run organizations as I can
  76. Collaborate with the Avett Brothers
  77. Collaborate on retreats in some capacity with Maia Dery
  78. Spend more time on camping/hiking trips
  79. Read more books
  80. Add onto the back of my house
  81. Remodel my bathroom

Done C’est Fini!

  1. Do a weekend retreat with Kimberly Wilson (Done April 2013
  2. Have a girls weekend just me and my Grandma (done and want to do again)
  3. Go to Mexico (done)
  4. Win leaders club at my job at Lincoln (done 3 times)
  5. Have a garden
  6. Go on a mediation retreat with my mom (done)
  7. Attend a Kimberly Wilson Paris Retreat (done June 2016) will do again
  8. Attend a Jennifer Louden writing retreat (done February 2017) will do again
  9. Attend WDS (done 2017 will do again)
  10. Visit my Auntie Sue in Seattle (Done 1999 and 2017) Will do again
  11. Quit my corporate America job to live by my own rules
  12. knit sweaters (done and doing again)
  13. Be a nude model for a drawing and painting class (done)
  14. Do a Tri (done)
  15. Take a Drawing and painting class (done)
  16. Cycle in Europe
  17. Become a certified yoga teacher (done)
  18. Teach yoga (done)
  19. Finish my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (done)
  20. Open a Yoga Studio (done)
  21. Run a Half-Marathon at least every year (doing)
  22. Do Bike NC (done) would love to do again
  23. Start a non-profit (done) Face to Face
  24. Work on a presidential campaign (done)
  25. Take a weekend trip to DC (done and doing)
  26. Lead my own yoga retreats at the beach (done and doing!)
  27. Be a life long student (doing)
  28. Spend time in Bath, England (done)
  29. Go to a play at the Globe theater in London (done)
  30. Have season tickets to Triad Stage (done)
  31. Be in a play (done)
  32. Take a ballet class (done) will do again
  33. Take a Jazz class (done) 
  34. Take a modern dance class (done) 
  35. go to Omega (done and will do again)
  36. Read two books a month (doing)
  37. Travel to europe (done)
  38. Run consistently every week (doing)
  39. Shut down Elm st. in downtown Greensboro and teach a yoga class (done)
  40. Turn my black thumb into a green thumb and have my own garden (done)
  41. Create yoga videos for followers of my blog (done and doing)
  42. Write a play that is performed in New York (done thanks to the backyard players and our team writing)
  43. Have my own creative room for art/creativity/yoga/mediation (done)
  44. Go to costa Rica
  45. Learn to Surf like Gidget
  46. Have a consistent meditation practice
  47. Share my travels with others in a meaningful way (doing) “Letters from the year of the Travel”
  48. Be an Entrepreneur (I’m really starting to own this title and it feels great!)
  49. Meet and take a Julia Cameron Workshop
  50. See Wicked (done 2016 would like to do again)
  51. Graduated college in 3 years
  52. Taught yoga to firemen at their station had dinner with them at their fire house and got to ride in the fire truck.  (would love to continue volunteering with them when my travel schedule becomes more sane).
  53. Be a writer
  54. Be an artist