Art Therapy

Art Journaling is something I do in fits and spurts.  It's a way for me to process what's going on in my life.  It helps me cultivate creativity in many aspects, it's simply fun and therapeutic, almost like a form of mediation.  It draws me out of my head, I'm not thinking about what I'm doing, I'm 100% in the moment, looking through magazines for colors, words and images that feel right, then arranging them together in a way that's visually pleasing to me or tells the story that I can't tell with words.  

My day job is a not the most creatively stimulating job in the world and I crave the creative process, Maybe I've chosen the wrong profession?  Yes, I probably should have been an artist and well I'm sure it's not too late, but another post another time, I'm just talking about art journaling today.   

I might not always have time for an art class or to work on a big canvas, but art journaling can be done quickly and makes me feel like I've played and done something creative in what feels like an otherwise bleak day.  

If this is something you are interested in and you're in my area I'm teaching an art journaling workshop on Sunday 11/13/16 12:30-3:30pm it's fun and rejuvenating and I'd love to share this special tool with all of you.  You can sign up here under events scroll all the way to the bottom.