In The Company of Women

Grab a hot cup of locally made tea and nestle into my little Westerwood bungalow with 5 other beautiful souls like yourself.  We'll bring our collective female spirits together to experience my guided meditations tailored just for you, gentle seated yoga, curated writing prompts and thoughtful assessments to check in with yourself.  We'll explore topics like identity, purpose and meaning while mining our conscious and unconscious to touch our true desires and build goals for ourselves to bring those desires to fruition.  

You'll meet other strong creative women like yourself in a cozy place, safe for sharing and exploring your dreams and desires.  You'll learn tools for keeping your creative juices flowing and how to stay in touch with your intuition, You'll also create an action plan to work on so that you have a clear path to follow when the session is over.   

Next Session Starts June 22nd:
Sign up below, space is limited to 6 women and the session will sell out so be sure to sign up early. 

Women's Group Coaching: In the company of Women

Women's Group Coaching:  Nestle into my little bungalow with 5 other women to experience guided meditations, writing prompts and assessments to check in with yourself and see if you're on the path you really want to be on.  Meet other strong creative women like yourself in a cozy place where you can share and grow with the friendship and support of like-minded women.

What are women Saying about "In the Company of Women"?

"Really Powerful and uplifting" -Danielle Forest

"Every female that I meet is craving exactly that tribe of ladies that has your back, and you can really be honest with.  Walking into a house for the women that are there, in silence, for me you would think I would be uncomfortable but I felt like I could breathe.  I could walk in and breath and be comfortable. if you feel like you want to meet strong women that you can be vulnerable with, that's the environment to do it" -Jordan Lacenski

"Working with Alisha in one of her brilliantly designed 'In the Company of Women' group series was without a doubt one of the best things I did for myself last year. Through our work together as a group, I gained clarity on my own personal core values, my purpose and my mission statement. What made this specific form of coaching so impactful for me is two-fold: 1. Alisha created superb and enlightening exercises that allowed us to dig deep and uncover things individually. 2. Because we were part of a group, we also gained so much insight through our fellow women and listening to their thoughts and experiences. We could see things about ourselves that would be more difficult to uncover without the help of other's perceptions. I left my 'In the Company of Women' experience feeling grounded in who I am holistically, clear on where my 'work' is currently and with an amazing group of women as new friends!" -Holli Ilderton

"We left there with this level of connection that made you feel like you could go out and accomplish anything and the momentum was there and sustainable because you knew you had this team of people behind you.  Every time we came to a session it was a risk-free environment to support each other so you shared exactly what was in your heart and you shared your story and it was accepted.  Alisha opened us all up to ourselves in a completely different way." -Victoria Brownlee  

This intimate gathering is limited to 6 creative women don't delay in reserving your spot as this session will sell out.  

3 Sessions from 6:30-8:30pm
April 12th
May 10th
June 14th

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