How much is a 20% increase to your bottom line worth?

Happiness in employees leads to greater levels of profits for companies that take the right steps


  • Are your employees bored or burned out?  

  • Do you wish they cared about your business as much as you do?

  • Did you know happy employees have been shown to be up to 20% more effective in the workplace than uphappy employees?

  • A recent study at The University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive

"I've always worked the hardest for management and leadership I knew cared most about me"

Help your employees flourish and watch your bottom line increase


I specialize in workshops for your  employees and corperate events

Contact me for more information on my three part flourishing series wher we cover:

  • You can’t pour from and empty cup: Using principals of Positive Pyschology to tackle burnout and reignite your passion for work.

  • Finding North: uncover your compass of core values to find alignment in work and play

  • Crafting your Personal Purpose Statement to live a life by design and not defalt

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I'd love to work with you and your team. Let me know what your team is struggling with the most.  Help your employees flourish and reignite their passion for work.  

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