Feeling Stuck?  What if you could flourish this year?

When was the last time you felt really lit up from your job? I know what it feels like not to be doing work that fills you up.  I assure you if you want to make a change there are possibilities.  

Are you thinking about retirement, or experiencing another life transition?  Maybe you're going through a divorce, the kids just left the nest or you're wondering if there's a greater purpose to your life?  Sometimes we all need a guide, someone to walk with us and lend a listening ear.  

If this resonates then the only question is, are you ready to take action?  Yes?  Then let's get started. 

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What are people saying about working with Alisha?

"I decided to hire Alisha because I was stuck and I needed somebody to gently nudged me to the other side of the "stuckness".  I was hoping to get my creativity flowing again and get moving as a whole.  Through working with Alisha I learned that's okay to go in my own speed, that I DO have creativity in me and I CAN do things - even if this means it's different than what I thought it needs to be. What surprised me most about working with Alisha was that having a "life coach" is not a 'bad thing" - exactly the opposite - Alisha's insight and guidance helped me navigate through my own puddle of mud that I was stuck in. What delighted me most about working with Alisha that the student might also become the teacher (Alisha doesn't claim the superior role) and this is a beautiful thing to see that we all are connected and we all can learn from each other on so many different levels” -Marion Hofmann


I’ve heard some form of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” most of my adult life and for me, it has proven true time and time again. Four years ago, I began my work as a potter after being away from clay for twenty years. From the beginning, I have known in my heart, that making pots would be just one component of my work; that somehow, I would figure out how to merge pottery with my other two passions: spirituality and alternative healing. I just didn’t know what that looked like for me. I had so many possibilities floating around in my mind that I was having a hard time choosing a direction and moving forward. In our first hour together, Alisha helped me distill all those ideas into a focused plan of action that on my own, I feel sure would have taken me months to put together. Not only that, but she offered encouragement and gave me confidence in moving forward in bringing my dream to reality.   -Rebecca Jackson Aydelette

"I had been wandering aimlessly after the birth of my son. Trying to figure out how to have purpose in my life outside of a career and fitting my family life into a future career has been incredibly hard. That's exactly why I jumped on the chance to work with you! Since we spoke I have been inspired to start working on my business, Forever Ro & Co, again. Another big change since we last spoke is that we have taken the plunge and moved back home to Michigan! The insight and motivation you shared with me helped to make some big decisions and helped to lead me in the right direction. I feel so much more in tune with myself and what I want to get out of Life, family, career, ect. It was one heck of an influential hour!" -Sara Cnossen 


"One hour of leadership, life or creativity coaching with Alisha is not enough!! Time with her leaves you wanting more.  It STILL amazes me how she is able to connect with me in such a positive and inspiring way. 
Her sincere passion for helping women glide along their path towards their purpose is apparent in every question and ounce of feedback she provides. 
Ihave had the immense pleasure of connecting with Alisha on more than one occasion and I always part ways feeling MORE powerful and empowered. She is a true gem!!"   
Denise White, Alopecia Life Coach, RN

"Alisha's gentle prompts helped me work through challenges I was experiencing with work and lead me to find creative solutions. Alisha is easy to talk to, connect with, and learn from. I would highly recommend working with Alisha!"
-Maire "Maura" Folan, MS RD LD


“The idea of coaching had never strongly appealed to me... that is, before I met Alisha. After being involved with her incredible events in the community for a few months, I knew I had to see what sessions were like with her one on one. Best decision ever. Alisha is a truly powerful facilitator - I call her that, because it’s really what she does. She doesn’t sit and tell you what to do, instead she asks questions and then she listens. She creates a space where you feel comfortable to share and talk out your deepest struggles and insecurities, and then she gently guides you to see what you said, and gives you helpful steps and insight to work through whatever it is you’re struggling with. I was so amazed at what I got from our time together - with just a few short questions, she managed to uncover something I’d been struggling with for months without even realizing it, and then she helped me work through steps to create a solution. I highly recommend sessions with her to ANYONE, even if you’re stubborn like me and think you’ve got it all figured out on your own. I’m so excited to continue working with her!” 

Lindley Battle of Lindley Battle Photography

Working with Alisha in one of her brilliantly designed 'In the Company of Women' group series was without a doubt one of the best things I did for myself last year. I gained clarity on my own personal core values, my purpose and my mission statement. What made this specific form of coaching so impactful for me is two-fold: 1. Alisha created superb and enlightening exercises that allowed us to dig deep and uncover things individually. 2. Because we were part of a group, we also gained so much insight through our fellow women and listening to their thoughts and experiences. We could see things about ourselves that would be more difficult to uncover without the help of other's perceptions. I left my 'In the Company of Women' experience feeling grounded in who I am holistically, clear on where my 'work' is currently and with an amazing group of women as new friends! -Holli Ilderton

Holli Ilderton

A God sent! The divine crossings of our paths were most definitely not coincidental.  The first time I even looked into Alisha’s eyes, I saw a DEEP soul an “old soul” some might say and the first time I heard her speak, I heard peace.  Alisha has a spiritual gift to “see & hear” the person for who they are and then ignite that part of their soul. She actually listened to me and heard me. Immeasurable.  ~Jo Hoover

"Alisha entered my life during a time when life changes had me in a state of confusion. Her soul-to-soul connection sparked a new flame in my soul, which redirected me toward my goals, passion, and purpose. During each session, Alisha uses tools that prompt me to go within, listen to my intuition and set goals for my life path. I rest in knowing that she is walking along side me through this process, which brings light to the journey ahead." -Victoria Brownlee



"Every female that I meet is craving exactly that tribe of ladies that has your back, and you can really be honest with.  Walking into a house for the women that are there, in silence, for me you would think I would be uncomfortable but I felt like I could breathe.  I could walk in and breath and be comfortable. if you feel like you want to meet strong women that you can be vulnerable with, that's the environment to do it" -Jordan Lacenski

"I met with this beautiful lady for a 1 time session....in a moment of my life in which I felt lost...as a mother, a caregiver, a career seeker, a Woman....in moments of tears I spoke of where I was and how confused I was about where I was headed....I left this session with a new sense of understanding a dream I started last year and let get lost in my fear of future. 
As well as a beautiful packet to help me learn deeper desires, habits, fears ect.....
I have completed these questions 3 times because they help to keep me focused. (This was from 1 meeting!!!!)
I can't wait to work with Alisha M. Wielfaert on a deeper level because her wisdom and true desire to help and lead is authentic.....she doesn't enable....she supports you in finding your own courage and wisdom!!!!" -Lakesha Bryant

Carol Lawless.jpg

"It is so refreshing to sit down and talk about areas of my life recognized for all the things they are to me. I see more clearly the areas I am doing well in and that is a switch from seeing only where I lack. Your comfortable approach to these sometimes difficult subjects made it easy to to think about and narrow down the aspects that need attention and work."

-Carol Lawless Sand Hill Fine Gardening  

That is exactly what I got from just ONE hour with Alisha. The afternoon before my first coaching session with Alisha I was feeling overwhelmed with "life." My mind was heavy and the best I can describe how I was feeling is "chaos." As a recent college graduate I was confused about what steps to take next in my career. However, through Alisha's coaching I received clarity about what I should do next! Since our coaching session I have felt happier, at peace, and super excited for everything that is coming.
-Yaseline Munoz


I had never considered doing a coaching session before and wasn’t entirely certain of what that may consist of. Alisha absolutely blew me away! I really just went with the goal of maybe brainstorming some ideas to grow my local marketing efforts, but came away not only with that but with a much deeper understanding of myself, personally and professionally, what direction I want to head in life, and even amazing goals and homework to do that helps ground me and help me find direction. I will definitely be working with her again in the future!  -Melissa Hughes

"I was recently lucky enough to be able to do an hour of coaching with Alisha and it was a very grounding experience. Our conversation was like speaking with a true friend who knows you well, really listens, wants the best for you, and will gently challenge you to reach towards your goals. I was able to come away with a fresh, practical, and compassionate perspective towards my current challenges. I highly recommend you check out her work on her website and her podcast."

-Rose Reynolds


Having experienced a range of coaching in the past, I thought I knew what to expect when I had my first session with Alisha. But our first session together changed my mind about the power of coaching – the questions Alisha posed were incisive, and through our discussion and reflection, I could see with clarity how asking the right questions incites the change needed from within. If you’re serious about becoming the person you intend to be, work with Alisha. She’s the ideal partner for wayfinding towards a truer version of yourself. -Susan Moon

"Working with Alisha felt like tapping into the wisdom of an old soul.  I've felt scattered for as long as I can remember, with a vague sense of direction but not terribly sure how to get there.  Alisha was able to provide that 10,000 foot view of my life and help remind me that not all of my interests have to be my calling, that it's ok for them to remain hobbies.  Talking to her helped me uncover just how much I really love photography and how to make meaningful and achievable goals to bring it into my life in a richer way.  Sometimes you really need someone to give you a "permission slip to ruthlessly pursue" your dreams!  Since our call, I've started an email list and am working on defining my core values to guide my decision-making.  We came up with "homework" items to keep me moving forward even when I am feeling stuck.  I keep coming back to our conversation when I need a little push in the right direction!"  -Emily Dziubek Lewis


Where are you and how do you want to feel?

Are you currently dissatisfied with your job? What if you could end each work day excited about what you did?

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? How would life be different if you could find your flow?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your creative spirit? What would you do with more creative energy? 

Do you have a business idea and don’t know where to begin? What if you had a roadmap of what to do?

The good news is that change is possible.  The only question left is: Are you ready?
Are you the type of person that has a propensity to take action?
Are you willing to do the hard work?
Why wouldn't you make an investment in yourself?   

Programs to Fit your Needs

Every client experience is slightly different, but the process is consistent.  Coaches have the ability to help you see your life from an objective standpoint that close friends or relatives can’t provide.  Coaching provides a safe place to talk about challenges, look for opportunities, cultivate a growth mindset while weaving creativity into your life. 

porch coffee.jpg
Power Hour

A one time session.  In this power meeting that typically lasts about an hour to an hour and a half (never more than 1.5 hours), we'll get right down to business to work on what it is you need help with.  We'll pin point your goals and desires and then begin building out an action plan.  You'll leave feeling clear on what your next steps are to bring your dreams to fruition.  

3 Session Coaching Package

3 In person, phone or Zoom meetings
1 Follow up e-mail After each Session
1 e-mail check in each month in between meetings

9 session coaching package

9 In person, phone or Zoom meetings typically in a 3 month period and
check-in e-mail communications in between sessions

(A total of 9 sessions)

6 month coaching.jpg
6 Month Coaching Intensive

3 In person, phone or Zoom meetings each month over 6 months
check-in e-mail communications in between sessions

(A total of 18 sessions)

Our sessions together are designed to be a delightful curated experience to facilitate your personal growth.  

Let's Grow, Flourish and Thrive

Are you ready? "If not now, when?" 
Schedule a Free discovery call with me to see if you and I are a good working fit

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