Choosing Joy: Mini-Retreat

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Choosing Joy: Mini-Retreat

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Choosing Joy: Mini-Retreat

Imagine a half-day close to home devoted to self-care and personal growth without having to travel further than Greensboro! Join me (A creative Leadership coach, writer, speaker, and yoga teacher Alisha Wielfaert) for Choosing Joy, a half-day in-person mini-retreat carefully crafted to help you reflect, set intentions, and choose joy in the season of outward bustle.  This all happens in the company of women from the Yoke and Abundance community. 

On Saturday December 8st 9am-1pm this in person retreat will happen at my home (The Buddha Bungalow) with 6-8 like-minded spirits.  This retreat includes, inspiration, tea, snacks, lunch, my signature goodie bag, creativity, learning to write to your intuition, vision & art journaling, gentle seated yoga and mindfulness practices as well as some surprises along the way. 

Delight in juicy seated yoga flows, create art in your journal, learn to write to your intuition, and enjoy a delightful salad bar for lunch before heading back out into our lives.  We’ll set intentions to keep you grounded and focused through the holiday season and you’ll leave with a deeper sense of connection with the women you’ve met. 

Who is this for:
A women who wants to hit the pause button, reflect and be intentional about the season.
Anyone who wants to connect deeply to themselves and build strong friendships with like-minded women
Those that want to participate with a very small intimate group and get special one on one


Journal and Pen
A bolster or yoga mat to sit on (we will be on the floor for a bit of our time together)
Old Magazines you’re ready to part with for vision/art journaling
An open mind and a willingness to share

Who is this not for?
If you don’t like small intimate group work this is not for you.
If you want a kick butt hard strength building yoga class this is not for you. (The yoga will be gentle and juicy mostly seated yoga.)
If you’re not willing to share and be vulnerable with an intimate group

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