Lululemon 2 hour Workshop: Choosing Joy Through Positive Psychology

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Lululemon 2 hour Workshop: Choosing Joy Through Positive Psychology

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September 27th Team meeting 7:00-9:00am
1 hour 45 minutes Yoga meditation and Coaching
Title: Choosing Joy Through 3 Principles of Positive Psychology

Beginning: We’ll start things a little differently: We’ll tell your team to come into the space in silence and bring a mat and wear clothes to move in.

Yoga: 30 minutes of movement/yoga/breath work to center focus and theme (accessing the joy within)
Meditation: 10-15 minute guided meditation to recognize the divine in each other
Coaching: 45-minutes to 1 hour

  • Coaching Intro: Briefly who I am, what Positive Psychology is, Importance of Happiness, How you choose joy/happiness and why it’s important.

  • 1st: Science behind how strong healthy relationships creates joy and happiness

  • Relationship building activity facilitated by me

  • 2nd: Accessing Joy and Happiness through a specific kind of research backed Gratitude practice

  • 3rd: Science behind Meditation and how it increases Happiness and Joy

  • Close with a short 5 minute meditation

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