Wise Women Panel Sponsorship $400.00 Level


Wise Women Panel Sponsorship $400.00 Level


The $400.00 Backer Level

What’s included in the $400.00 Sponsorship

  • Social media tags and mentions when and where I plug the Wise Women Panel

  • Set up your booth at the event to sell your products

  • You and a Friend get a ticket to the panel

  • At the panel between the friend-raising and the panel you'll get 5 minutes to talk about YAY Brand and what it is why you do what you do and why it was important to you to sponsor the panel

  • A podcast sponsorship spot on a podcast in late august early September. (my suggestion would be to play this sponsorship on the upcoming Monica Barnet Interview about her taking a radical sabbatical because I think there will be lots of listeners).

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Once you purchase a sponsorship, Alisha will reach out to you via email to discuss the script and placement.

All Sales are final and non-refundable.