Waking Wisdom 3 Session Coaching Package


Waking Wisdom 3 Session Coaching Package


Waking Wisdom 3 Session Program

Every week we’ll start with a guided and grounding meditation to help you transition from where you were into this place.   

Then we’ll begin by you telling me what’s good.  It helps us begin the session in a positive frame of mind. 

Then we’ll pull an animal spirit card and discuss how it may or may not apply to your life right now. 

Then we do a clearing.  A clearing is where you have the opportunity and space to share anything bad or good that’s on your mind that might be impacting you, your energy and your state of mind. 

Then we’ll move into the heart of the session with a different focus each week depending on where we are in the program and what you need most.

 We end the session by outlining what homework needs to be done, scheduling your next session and then finally you’ll share what your takeaway were from our time together that day. And I close with a reading reflection.  

There is always an option to record each session so that you can go back through them.

Topics we cover in the 3 session program:

·      Wheel of life exercise: Explores where you currently are

·      Core Values

·      We learn what your inner self/ true being is and how to listen to her


What’s Included in the program:

·      3 individual In person, phone or Zoom meetings typically in a 1 month period

·      Check-in e-mail communications in between sessions

·      3 Worksheets

 What Supplies are needed (your responsible for getting)?

·      Journal for writing

·      The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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The cost of the three months foundations program is an upfront cost of $699.00.

Once you pay for the program, I'll send you an e-mail to set up a time to meet and send you course materials.  I'll also send you a pre-coaching worksheet that will help me understand where you are how I can best serve you during our time together.  Once you pay for the session you'll receive an e-mail from me with additional information.  All sessions are non-refunable.  If this is a gift please include the name and contact information for the recipient.  I'm looking forward to working with you.   

Cancelation Policy: If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance you forfeit that session.
If you show up more than 15 minutes late for an in person or phone session you also forfeit that session.

Refunds: No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final