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Dine, Dish and Dream

Intimate, Deep and fun

Join us for this one night only event

Have you ever dream about what it would feel like to take a "radical sabbatical"?

Monica Barnett did just that this summer. She saved up, took 2 months unpaid leave from work and traveled through Italy, getting reacquainted with herself, taking different classes to feed her creative soul and think about what she wants her life to look like.

Yoke and Abundance believes we should all take time to get reacquainted with ourselves, travel is a great way to do that and so is individual and group coaching.

Join us for an evening of delightful Italian cocktails, a pasta-making demo hosted by Monica, deep conversations about what we want, why we want it and how to get it over dinner facilitated by Alisha.

You'll meet like-minded women, have a few yummy drinks, make pasta with Monica, start the conversation about what you want, why you want it, get a goodie bag and a discount on group or individual coaching with Alisha.

When Saturday, September 7th
Where: The Buddha Bungalow (aka Alisha's House: address emailed once your ticket is purchased)
Investment: 149.97

Special Wise Women Panel at Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast

Do you enjoy reading the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Wednesday Series? Do you wish you could meet wise women in person? Join us to not only go in depth with women you've been hearing from over the last few years but also to spend time getting to know the dynamic incredible women of the yoke and Abundance community.

Wednesday September 25th 6:30-8:30pm

We’ll begin with an hour of extra special curated friend-raising where you’ll get to know the community of Yoke and Abundance women present in a way you haven’t before. Then we will have a 3-4 person panel of women who have been feature on Yoke and Abundance in the past.

What You’re Getting:
Inspiring stories from creative women
Delicous nibbles from Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast
A few lovely glasses of wine

Come with questions and curiosity.

Where: Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast
When: Wednesday September 25th 6:30-8:30pm
Investment: $49.99

This Panel Is Sponsored by our friends at YAY! Brand

Double Oaks.jpg

In The Company of Women Beginning October 2nd

Are you looking for clarity, purpose and a like-minded community? Over this 6 week course we’ll explore where you are and where you want to be.

All participants will experience direct coaching with Alisha over the 6 weeks (your chance to talk about your specific challenge and work through your blocks). When done in front of our intimate group we’re able to learn from each other and accelerate our growth together.

We explore topics of identity, purpose and goal setting in order to touch and nurture our deepest desires. From that foundation, we build a roadmap to fulfill the goals born from our truest desires.


What are women Saying about "In the Company of Women"?

"Really Powerful and uplifting" -Danielle Forest

"Every female that I meet is craving exactly that tribe of ladies that has your back, and you can really be honest with.  Walking into a house for the women that are there, in silence, for me you would think I would be uncomfortable but I felt like I could breathe.  I could walk in and breath and be comfortable. if you feel like you want to meet strong women that you can be vulnerable with, that's the environment to do it" -Jordan Lacenski

"Working with Alisha in one of her brilliantly designed 'In the Company of Women' group series was without a doubt one of the best things I did for myself last year. Through our work together as a group, I gained clarity on my own personal core values, my purpose and my mission statement. What made this specific form of coaching so impactful for me is two-fold: 1. Alisha created superb and enlightening exercises that allowed us to dig deep and uncover things individually. 2. Because we were part of a group, we also gained so much insight through our fellow women and listening to their thoughts and experiences. We could see things about ourselves that would be more difficult to uncover without the help of other's perceptions. I left my 'In the Company of Women' experience feeling grounded in who I am holistically, clear on where my 'work' is currently and with an amazing group of women as new friends!" -Holli Ilderton

"We left there with this level of connection that made you feel like you could go out and accomplish anything and the momentum was there and sustainable because you knew you had this team of people behind you.  Every time we came to a session it was a risk-free environment to support each other so you shared exactly what was in your heart and you shared your story and it was accepted.  Alisha opened us all up to ourselves in a completely different way." -Victoria Brownlee  

7:30-9:00pm Beginning Wednesday October 2nd

October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and November 6th

In The Company of Women General Admission

What's Included:
-6 Thoughtfully Curated Group Coaching Experiences
-2 PDF worksheets
-Goodie Bag with program essentials
-Writing Prompts
-Guided Meditation
-New Connections and friendships
-Private Facebook page for your group


In The Company of Women VIP Admission

What's Included:
-6 Thoughtfully Curated Group Coaching Experiences
-2 PDF worksheets
-Goodie Bag with program essentials
-Writing Prompts
-Guided Meditation
-New Connections and friendships
-Private Facebook page for your group

-Option to be paired with an accountability partner during the 6 week program
-1 Private one-on-one power hour coaching session with Alisha ($249.97 value) to be scheduled during the 6 week course.
-A Year Ahead Spread e-mailed to you ($49.97 value)
-25% off a 3 session coaching package

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