My First Blog Attempt

Do you ever find your self straddling different worlds? Trying to maneuver between different social situations? I've been cutting my teeth at it for awhile now and I wanted to share my experiences. If you're anything like me, you wear many hats, but you can't always wear all of those hats into the different buildings you have to walk into. 6-7am on Tuesdays and Thursdays you can find me decked out in yoga pants encouraging people to breath deeply, engage Mulabandha and Uddiyana Bandha before floating back into plank position. Then quickly changing clothes and running off to the office (because that's what actually pays the bills). At night my social calendar is normally packed. Did I mention I'm the chair of young almost fully fledged non-profit? Oh, and I love to run, I'll be running my second half marathon in April.

Is your life like this? Do you ever find it hard to straddle the different worlds? Well, I'd be lying if I said it was easy because it's not, but I'm loving all of the things that I'm doing and all of the different types of people I get to meet every day. I want to share my experience with all of you. I'm hoping that many of you out there are also juggling many different things and have suggestions on how to lead a balanced and simple life while successfully keeping all of those different balls in the air. I'm also hoping that maybe I can provide a source of inspiration to all of you. Forgive my poor grammar, because while I do have many talents, grammar is not among them. This will be a place for me to share how I straddle the different worlds, gain inspirations and hopeful get some inspiration from all of you as well. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Welcome into my world everyone! Let the inspiration begin!