Dreaming of Summer

Hasn't this weekend been glorious?

I was actually able to run yesterday wearing only one pair of pants instead of the two layers I've been adding to keep me warm.  I almost slid and fell on the trail a few times because it was muddy and NOT frozen!  How wonderful!  Oddly enough I spent most of yesterday's sunny day sleeping.  After my 7 mile run around the lake I found myself pretty exhausted and a nap was in order.  The nap was perfect, I don't know about the rest of you, but there is something so wonderful about taking a nap on a warm sunny day after a long run.  I suppose some would say that I wasted the day, but I think I made it better by taking a nap.

The warm weather is making me crave summer.  Summer is my favorite season, hot sun beating down on you, sweat pouring out of you, warmth surrounding you on hikes or whatever you are doing.  The ability to go kayaking on a whim.  That is what I'm dreaming of.

What summer activities are you dreaming of?

I can't wait until we are done with this uncharacteristically brutally cold winter.  I didn't move to North Carolina so that I could see the snow, and play winter sports.

I moved here because of it's warm weather where you can jump on your bike almost any month of the year, or go for a run in the morning almost any month and not experience sub zero conditions.  Yet, the beauty of NC is that while you can do all of those things, you still see all of the seasons.  What season or seasons do you love the best?

I was not made for the cold.  Ohio, the land of my birth, well, it does not agree with me.  As much as I miss my friends and family that still live in Ohio, I just can't do it.  Ohio, Your winters are too cold, too long and too Grey and your summers don't quite get hot enough for me.

I want to be sun kissed every month of the year.  Vitamin D I love you!

I'm dreaming of sitting on my porch swing reading books and drinking wine, of kayaking on the lake, late summer dinners on the porch.  I'm dreaming of long long summer nights playing on the porch, listening to good music and playing with the most amazing Friends/neighbors around.  I'm dreaming of a tan (not the kind you get from laying out, but the kind you get after long days of gardening, kayaking, running and biking out in the sun).  I'm dreaming of the beach!  I'm dreaming of my swim suit.  Oh, how I want the winter to end.