Itching for Adventure

Do you ever get the itch to get in the car and drive away?

I'm listening to the Avett Brother's album Mignonette, specifically for the song Swept Away as I dream of driving to the beach to watch the sun rise and set.  It won't happen today, but I'm sure one of these weekends soon, I'll abandon whatever it is I need to do and drive away.

Where would you disappear to if you could drive away with little planning?   Are you itching for an adventure?  What album or albums would you play?  Do you have a sound track to your life?   Is it a particular artist or band that writes your sound track or is it made up of a million different songs, by many different artists?

I have an ubber talented Friend Mary, she always seems to know what music to play.  She set the sound track to my life for a long, long time.  Mary Moline, Really she is amazing, you need to check her out!  Mary knows adventure and she knows how to jump in the car with a ton of music, windows down, wind blowing your hair into knots until you've satisfied your taste for adventure.  Mary and I have been friends for a long long time, we also went to Europe together.  We traveled to  Paris, Nice, London and Bath.  Needless to say we know how to travel, and every time I travel, I think about her. So grab your bestest friend, a sound track to touch your heart and sing along with, jump in the car, take some pictures and tell me about it!

Right now the Avett Brothers speak to me.  I've got almost all of their albums, they're a great group to listen to while you are running, their lyrics give you so much to think about.

I'll be going on lots of adventures starting at the end of April, but the itch has already started.  Maybe this weekend full of spring is what's done it.  The smell in the air, the warm sun on my face.  the wind through my hair as I was running yesterday. The freeing feeling that yoga has been giving me lately.  Maybe spring is almost here.  How will you spend your spring?  What will fill your hear with love?  What will make you want to explode with Happiness?  A road trip?  A conversation with a stranger?  Making a new friend?  Climbing a mountain?  Camping?  Making a spring dinner of fresh local asparagus?  What sparks your adventurous side?  Or what about the feeling when it's just barely warm enough, and the sun is out and you can jump on your bike like you are 10 and ride until your legs are tired and you're out of breath?

Go Grab an adventure! Grab a friend and get gone, even if it's exploring your local art museum!  Find your adventurous side!  Take some pictures and tell me about it!  I want to know what makes you happy!