Good Friday and Pantry Make Over

Yesterday my good Friend Mary ( posted something on face book that completely resonated with me.  She said "I was very catholic today.  Between noon and three, I did nothing but clean".  Mary and I both grew up in very very catholic homes.  We both went to catholic schools and mass on sundays.  Good Friday is a sacred sacred day.  I was always required to go to church some time between the hours of noon and three to pray.  In addition to that my mom almost never had to work durning the day on Good Friday.  Good Friday in addition to prayer always included some form of cleaning and or baking.  My mom typically made these amazing easter cookies that went in a mold and we would paint on saturday after we dyed easter eggs.  I have great memories of Good Friday.  And Yes, I have good memories of cleaning.  So like Mary I spent the majority of my Good Friday cleaning.

Some of you may remember that I've spend a good amount of time working with Miriam Biber of Sustainable Health Choices Well, Miriam gave me some great suggestions for my pantry when we did a pantry make over.  I have to admit, I love to cook and I pride my self on being a pretty darn good cook.  I think it's something I can hang my hats on, but Miriam pointed out that my kitchen wasn't very efficient.  Yikes!  Right?  A good cook with an inefficient kitchen?  That needed to be rectified asap!

Having Good Friday off of work simply made it the perfect day to correct the inefficiencies of my Kitchen.  I decided to take before and after pictures to show you what I did.  I'm telling you Miriam is amazing.  If you aren't working with her in some form you are missing out on an important and possibly life changing experience!  YOU MUST run NOT walk to her services.  She can help you with menu planning, pantry make overs, she can help you get out of a food rut, and all around just plain eat better.  You might even get adventurous and try a 3 week detox!

And why is there a random CD on the counter next to the stove you ask?  Well, Really, I have no bloody idea!

And this...  Well, I'm not sure I need to even comment on this...

Look at this beautiful organization!  It's so organized!  and So close to the stove where I will be creating beautiful dishes for friends without running all over the kitchen like a mad woman.

Plates glasses and mugs all in one place.

Extra plates, bowls and containers.  It's amazing that a bit of organization can create so much more space. The long view of my perfectly organized cabinets! I love it!See how my grains and coffee and beans and flax seed are all in nice clear containers out on the counter?  That was also a Miriam suggestion.  Simple easy and has changed my diet.  I can now easily see everything, I know what I've been using a lot of and what I need to use more of.  Not to mention the colors inspire me to cook!  AAAHHHH how wonderful!And it's all put back together.  Ah yes, I'm satified that I know it's all organized and cleaned out.  How perfect!  Have you picked up the phone to call Miriam yet?  You should, it will change your life.

All in all it couldn't have been a better Good Friday.  There are still a few more suggestions that Miriam gave me, but this was a great change for now.  I will show you the rest when I get to them.

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Tootles, -lish