Oh Blogging How I've missed You!

I've missed you all!!

I know, I know, It's been way toooo long.  Did you think I had stopped blogging?  Maybe you were relieved that you didn't have to ready my silly posts?  Well, I was just busy, being swept off my feet by a marvelous young man (more on that at another time) and traveling the world or at least to lovely beachy places.  I've got quite a few different things that I'd like to tell you about, but for now I'll tell you about the Bahamas or at least alittle bit about the bahamas!

Why Yes!  One of the far off places I traveled to in the past month happened to be the bahamas!  And best of all, work paid for it!  Last year I was a top performer and top performers get to go on trips... .  Lavish, beautiful, all expenses paid, bring a plus one trip! Let's just say that work happens to be one of the places where my very competitive nature pays off.

My Lovely Friend Emily went to the bahamas with me, but this will be the last picture you see of her on the trip because I've not been given the go ahead to post any pics of her yet.  Have you ever been to the Bahamas?  My parents went there for their honeymoon 31 years ago and their stories have always made me wonder what those islands were really like.

Finally I had my chance to check it out, and I was not disappointed.  We stayed at the Atlantis Cove resort, here is a shot of the magnificent view from our room.

Can you imagine staying at a place like this?  I felt like I was walking around in a dream and not real life.

One of the most Delicious treats that we consumed while on the island was one of my new favorite drinks!  The Bahama Mama!  It was the taste of summer, the taste of sand, the taste of fun and relaxation!

And our room was so amazing you could have spent the entire vacation in the room!  You almost didn't even need to leave it...

So, I'll leave you with that for now, but I'll be back with more pics of the beach and the compound that was the Atlantis Cove Resort!  It was an amazing beautiful place and I want to show it all to you!

Tootles my Friends!