Local and Organic a plug for our farmers market

I wanted to piggy back off the chicken's post I wrote on tuesday and have a discussion about buying local and organic products.

Did you know that we are toxic?

Yuppers, Toxic.

Has that sunk in yet?

If you aren't eating organic food, you are consuming toxic chemicals all the time.  Scary harmful bad chemical.

Eating Organic all the time is not easy, first off, it can be expensive, difficult and tiresome, but don't you think you and your health are worth it?

Why stop at the food we put in our bodies?  What about the soap we clean our clothes with, they're on our body all day long!  What about the things we clean our bodies with or the make up we put on our face or the soap we use to bath with.  My apologies to the men folk here, but what about tampons?  Just imagine the chemicals that could be literally inside you if you aren't using organic tampons?  There is sooooo much to think about, so much to consider, and lots of dollars to spend, but aren't we worth it?  Isn't our heath and not to mention our eco-system worth it?

I don't want to preach, and I don't want to do a long post tonight, but I wanted to open this up to your thoughts on buying local and organic, keeping in mind they are two very very different things.  Do you value one over the other?  Where do you find organic produce?  Do you buy local food, if so why, if not why?

CNN is doing many articles right now on "Toxic America". Here is just one story that I find very alarming and I encourage you to read it. I don't like to be a fear monger, but I think it's important to be educated. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/06/01/dirty.dozen.produce.pesticide/index.html

I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Here's to happy eating!

Yours truly,