Day One of Consuming Less Oil

Today was my first official day of biking to work.  Helmet and all, here is a list of the Ugly and the Wonderful. Ugly

1)       I’m still terrified a car is going to plow right over me

2)       My heart was pounding like a drum (see item #1)

3)       I got a bit of bike grease on my leg and hands

4)       It took a little extra planning. 

5)       I had to wear pants to work and not a skirt


1)       The breeze felt amazing and was quite energizing

2)       It made me feel good to not use oil on my way to work

3)       I’m getting an extra little bit of exercise in

4)       I felt a sense of Freedom not being tied to my car.

5)       Helmet hair didn’t really happen.  My hair looks the same as it did before I put the helmet on (mush to my surprise)

6)       I feel like I’ve got more street credit now

7)       I really didn’t get sweaty at all

8)       Being on the bike made me feel like I’ve taken control of something that most people (including myself) don’t usually have the guts to take control of

It appears my Ugly list is pretty short and pitiful.  Mostly excuses.  Well, #1 is legitimate.  The rest are simply silly.  I think the more I try to make this a regular routine the more I’ll become comfortable ridding up Elm st. in downtown in the midst of downtown rush hour traffic.  Actually being on the Bike is nothing short of exhilarating, and I love it.  It’s amazing.  I’ve also been really inspired by all of your comments.  I’d love to hear more about your bike to work adventures or bike around town getting grocery adventures.  It’s all of you lovely inspiring people that got me motivated to get on that bike this morning. 

Thank you!

P.S. I'm sorry I've not had any pics to post yet.  Don't worry pics will be back soon!