Day Dreaming: Dream with me

I've told you I love my job right?  If not, for the record, I love my job.  I'm challenged, I like the people I work with, they make me laugh, they think I'm weird, they laugh at me, I don't mind being office fodder.  I do well in a time when not everyone is doing well in the job market.  There is lots of opportunity and room for growth where I am.  When it comes to my job, I have no complaints.  All of that said, for the record, tomorrow while I'm at work...  Well, my mind will be here...

Yes, this is where my mind is.

Yeah, it's summer, all I want to be doing is putting on sun screen, lathering up, dipping into crystal clear water and worrying about what cocktail I'll be having next.  Is that gonna happen tomorrow?  Nope, I'll be chained to my desk.  A desk I love, but a desk none the less.

Yuppers, that's where my mind is, no doubt about it.

OK, I'm here too. Still Bahamas just a different beach.

Where is your mind on this happy Friday?