World Cup Excitement While I'm posting, and Breaking Up With My Bike

I'm at the Green bean in downtown Greensboro and oh my lord is it CRAZY!  They've got the world cup on, US vs. England.  There is an excitement in the air that I've never seen.  Have you ever watched a soccer game?  If not treat yourself to some Foot Ball because whoa it's AWESOME.

That's just a side note though cause what I really want to talk to you about is my bike.  Specifically my mountain bike.  The Mountain bike is a black Raleigh.  You've seen it...


I bought this bike about 3 and a half years ago.  It was a tumultuous time in my life.  I'd just had my heart pulled out of my chest and stomped on by an ex and I was trying to find myself.  I was looking for something to help me get back to my roots, the things that were of the outmost importance to me, to fill the endless hours of cold boring January days.

Who you might ask buys a bike in January?  Well I do as a matter of fact.  I can tell you exactly when I got my Raleigh too, it was Martin Luther King JR.  weekend 3 and a half years ago.  That's how much I've loved this bike, I remember the moment I bought it.  I didn't have much money at the time, I couldn't afford to blow a paycheck on the bike, but I knew I had to have one.  I wanted a women's bike.  I wanted something pretty maybe yellow or blue, but it turns out the pretty colors cost more.  This bike was $250.00, purchased from Friendly bike in the Quaker village now under new managment, at a new location and has a new name  The accompanying bike rack would cost me more than half as much as the bike itself.  This seemed like a small fortune to me at the time, now I realize it was nothing!

I knew a bike would help me through the days.  Would treat me well.  Would help me feel alive again.  I took the Raleigh out on it's maiden voyage through battleground park, I went around the almost 2 mile Battleground loop no less than 4 times.  That's when I knew it was the right purchase.

I felt like a child again.  I felt alive.

You see I come from a family that loves bikes.  I remember my very first bike.  It was pink and white with trainning wheels and a basket on the front.  When my parents put it in the trunk of their 1984 Jetta VW I started to cry because I hadn't seen them pay for it and I thought they were steeling it.  (yes, I was a goodie goodie from the age of 4).  Once I was throughly convinced my parents were not thieves and had indeed payed for the beautiful little bike we were about to take home, I was rather excited about the pink and white bike that I would learn to ride without training wheels on.

I was not a girlie girl as a child but OH, OH, how I loved that pink and white bike.  Around and around and around the block I would go on that bike.  I had no fear either.  I would take the turns at break neck pace and skid through the back alley as hard as I could to see how much dust I could work up behind me.

You see, it was important to my parents that I have a good bike and that I learn to ride young.  My parents didn't have much money to spend, but they made sure that all three of us kids had bikes, always, no questions asked, we had bikes.  We may not have gone on elaborate vacations around the US or out of the country.  We may never have gone to Disney world, but we rode bikes as a family.  Vacation at my house might mean a long family bike ride.  Every year in Toledo my parents participated in the Biking for Burns Race that if my memory serves me correctly was sponsored by the hospital my parents worked at St. Vincent Medical Center.  When I was little I got to ride on the back of my dads bike.  I'm not sure why he thought it was a good idea to have a heavy child adding extra weight on the back of the bike durning a 50mile ride, but I'm so happy that he did.  I've got a picture of that race too, maybe I'll post it one day if I ever take the time to get it scanned in.

I'm glad my parents believed in the importance of bikes.

I'm also glad that I bought a bike one cold January day in the Quaker Village, but I've out grown my bike.  I've out grown the mountain bike, It's ill fitted to me, the frame is slightly too small, the saddle stem is too short, the tires don't really work for where I'm riding, and so it's with great sadness I've come to realize it's time for the mountain bike and I to go our separate ways.  Black Raleigh Mountain bike, I think were through, or well, through when I get a new mountain bike anyway.  You've been a great bike so far, and someone else hopefully will love you the way I have.

If you want a great sturdy mountain bike let me know.  I'll be selling mine.