First day of my trial month without a car

I have this fantastic Friend and mentor named Matt.

Matt and I run together a few days a week.  Matt used to by my supervisor at Lincoln Financial and he was spectacular at what he did.  Matt is now in school and want's to become a professor.  Have a I mentioned that Matt is amazing?  He is following his dreams.  He's not settling, he is doing something that he is good at and in doing so inspiring others like myself to also follow their dreams.

I'd hit a rut, things weren't panning out as I'd anticipated.  I've not been challenging myself to get outside my comfort zone, but something Matt said stayed with me.

Matt said and asked "I see lots of people doing great things like running marathons and making something of their lives, why can't I do great things too".

Think about that question for a minute?

What is "a great thing" to you?

For me, a great thing would be giving up my car and biking everywhere.  The reasons are countless, but for starters it's good for your health, and your wallet.

Another great thing would be paying off all my debt, quitting my job and moving to France (don't worry Amanda(my boss) I'm not leaving Lincoln any time soon, but I will be getting rid of my car for sure).  Or moving to Boulder or going back to school to become fluent in French.


And what's stopping me from doing those things?  What might be stopping you from following your dreams?  Why aren't we giving ourselves permission to follow our dreams?

Well, I'm going to stop putting my dreams on hold and it started today.  Today was my first offical day of not using my car.  That's right, I'm going to bike it from here on out.  This will be a trial month.  See how it goes.  What's the worst that can happen?  Why do we need a car?  Who says I have to buy into the idea of having a waaayyy tooooo busy life, burning through tons of gas and oil and do what everyone else does by owning a car.  A car, even one that's payed off still costs you lots and lots of money.

Just because you are doing something that you've never done before doesn't mean it's more or less of a hassle, it's just what you've always done.


Today I did the thing that seems the scariest of all.  Today I biked to deep roots, the local co-op to get some food.  Biking to the store in and of itself is not scary in the least, but Deep Roots happens to be the furthest store away store that I frequent.  Not to mention I have to bike down a very very busy and unforgiving street.  It's 5.4 miles away and for those of you that live in GSO, well, you have to bike down Spring Garden "Can I Just Say YIKES!"  I proceeded to look over my bike, pump up the tires.  Make sure everything is in good working condition, empty book bag on my back, helmet on my head, cell phone in the bag and off I went.  My worst fear was a flat, well ok, getting hit by a car is actually my worst fear, but that aside.  a flat is my worst fear.  I don't know how to change a tire yet...

Well, I rode the 5.4 in 25 minutes and realized I had indeed gotten a flat tire.  UGGGHHH, it was my worst fear.  I walked the bike up to the bike rack, called my my best friend and her roommate Michael, and Michael very nicely and supportively agreed to pick me up.  In the mean time I did my shopping and Michael got there just as I was checking out and loading up my book bag.  We loaded my bike onto his car and took it over to Revolution Bikes They are going to tune it up, give me a spare kit and change the back tire, and Luckily I still have my mountain bike at home.  All is not lost and the worst case scenario was not all that bad.

In fact, I've learned that many of my friends completely support my decision.  When Michael picked me up he actually  said those exact words and he said any time I needed to barrow a car I could barrow his or Anna's.  Anna and I will also go in halvies on car insurance for her car, that way if Max ever needs to go to the vet or I need to pick up something big I can use her car and it won't be a big deal.  So there will be a plan B for emergencies.

Maybe this grand idea of mine is not so far fetched after all.  Maybe I get to do something great too!  Now I just need to learn how to change a tire!