I cheated today....

I've never cheated on a boyfriend, never ever, and I've never cheated at school, or games, or anything really.  I hate to cheat and I hate cheaters, but today I cheated.  I cheated on my bike.  and I cheated on my month of no bike resolution.

I cheated by getting into my Volkswagon beetle.  Yes, I know, that's bad.  It's supposed to be a month with no car... and well, I got in the car, not once but three times.

Yeah, you can imagine the face I'm making right now.


I don't love my car, and I'd rather be on the bike, really the three times I got in the car today don't mean anything...

It was a one time day, a one time exception, well, sorta...

I had planned on biking to the yoga class I teach, but when the alarm went off at 4am, I shuttered, rolled over and decided I would be a cheater.  Yes, it was a premeditated cheat.

I admit it, I knew it was wrong, but really 4am that's absurd.

What am I going to do about the 5:45am yoga class when I sell my car right?

Yes, I'm asking myself that question.  It takes me 30 minutes on my mountain bike to get to the yoga studio and I need to be packed and ready to leave the studio and go straight to work on the bike.  Honestly, I'm a morning person, but I don't know if I can get up at 4am to get myfself on the bike.  I know that if I didn't have another option I would, but while the bike is parked in my back yard, well, I'm going to cheat to drive it to yoga.  Will you all forgive me for that?

If anyone has any solutions for me on this morning yoga dilemma, I'd love to hear them.

As for the other times I cheated today, well, let's just say I've learned my lesson.   I'll be biking everywhere, expect to morning yoga because I value my sleep above all else.