My New Obsession

I have a very inspiring friend, her name is Genisis.  She's about the coolest thing since sliced bread, but way better than sliced bread.  She's introduced me to this book "The Tiny House Book" by Jay shaffer.  Genisis wants to build a tiny house.

At first I had a difficult time wrapping my mind around living in such a tiny space, but then I read the book, and checked out the beautiful tiny homes

And now, well, I kind want a tiny house of my own...

Yeah, that's right, I want to sell my car, get rid of most of my belongings and create a small space big enough for Max and I to fit into one place.  These little homes are incredible!  Absolutely beyond belief, nothing but neat-O!

Jay Shaffer gets it!

Genisis gets it!

They understand that life isn't about having more stuff, or working to have a newer car, or a bigger home.  They see the value in life for life's sake, and not life to take care of all that STUFF we've been collecting!

Well Jay, thank you for building Tiny houses!  and Thank You Genisis for lending me your tiny house book and inspiring me with your tiny house ideas!

I just want to keep saying it, tiny house! Tiny house.  Tiny house!

Someday I'll live in a tiny house too!

Jay and Genisis, My hats go off to you.