VW Beetle Vs. Trek Women's fit Bike

I'm struggling... Today, it's society, work pressures, the desiree to be able to jump in the car and go vs. social responsibility.  That boils down to The VW beetle Vs. My beautiful Women's fit Trek Bike (yes, it's white and pink: If I could have had it all pink I would have bought it all pink)

I drove a lot this weekend.  I biked a lot this weekend.  I actually put almost as many miles on the bike as I did on the car and I think that's saying something given the fact that I drove to Lexington NC. and back.

Here's my struggle why the bike is better:

  • It's socially responsible to get rid of the car, physically and emotionally I can do all of my day to day on the bike.
  • The bike is better for the environment
  • The bike is better for my health
  • The bike is better for my wallet
  • Not to mention, I love, love love riding the bike all over town
  • I love the way it slows me down and makes me think about what I'm doing and how I'm investing my time
  • I think I'm safer on the bike than I am in the car

Here is why I'm not sure if I can give up the VW (even though I hate her)

  • She gets me to the yoga class I teach in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:45am.  If I didn't take the car, well I'd have to wake up at like 4am.  I could do it, but  I think I'd resent it.
  • She allowed me to jump in the car and drive to lexington spur of the moment to see someone very dear to my heart who was only 30 miles away.
  • How else will I get to the Raleigh air port the 3-5 times a year I fly out of Raleigh for work on little notice?

Do you see my struggle?  I want to do things that are amazing, amazing for myself, amazing to others, and amazing for our environment, but I'm struggling.

These few weeks trying not to use the car have been really great. I'm happy with not driving to work, as a matter of fact I love not driving to work.  I've made that commitment wholeheartedly.  I've even opted out of my parking space in the parking garage.  That will save me 120$ a year.  Not to mention I still get to park my bike in the parking garage.  I love the way it feels to ride my bike up Elm St. in high heels and see the faces people make, but I'm conflicted about the things above.

I suppose this is where people who are married kinda have it great, because you can go car-lite.  Splitting one car between two people or at least having someone you can count on to help you figure sh*t out.

I'd love your thoughts here.  So far, I don't mind riding in the rain when I have to.  I don't mind cold weather, and I know that even in giving up the car there are some "what if's" that you just can't account for, but the the spur of the moment work trips out of raleigh and giving up the ability to have an adventure at a moments notice give me pause.

Please tell me I'm being silly.

Please tell me to sell the damn car and stop being such a wuss.  Really, I could use the encouragement that it will all work it's self out.  Worse case scenario I hate going with having a car and buy a new one right?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Yours the conflicted one,