Blogging Again

My yoga Studio It's been a long time since I've said hello on this blog.  I didn't think I'd be blogging again, but there is so much I want to say.  So much I want to write, and the Greensboro Community Yoga website just isn't the place for my personal musings.  I figured it's time to blog again, have a little writing fun.  I hope you'll follow.

My Fellow and me

Since I last wrote on this blog so much has happened.  I fell in love with a tall, happy strapping fellow who is currently on a fishing trip thus leaving me with an entire rainy saturday with no serious plans and lots of loud thoughts rumbling around in my head.  I love my fellow, but this quiet rainy day to myself is just what the Dr. ordered.

I'm still working for Lincoln Financial and have my 7 year anniversary with them in May.  Yes, 7 years with one company.  That is longer than any romantic relationship I've ever had.  Here's to another happy 7!

Yoga Time

In addition to my job at Lincoln, I'm very close to completing my 500 hour yoga teacher certification and I do plan on going for my 1000 hour certification at the AYC.  Not to mention I OPENED a yoga Studio.  Yes, you read that right, I opened a business!  I'm an entrepreneur!  It's still exciting to say even though we've now been open for almost 3 full months.  If you are friend that knows me well then this probably isn't news.  If you are someone who has happened upon this blog by accident you will note that to me this is still very much a big deal.  I essentially work 2 full time jobs.  It's pretty awesome even when it is difficult and it always seems to be difficult.  Greensboro Community Yoga is my studio, but really it's Greensboro's studio.  I opened it here and named it Greensboro Community Yoga as a tribute to my community, a tribute to my beautiful city.  I love yoga and I know that yoga will put you on a healthy path and I'd like to help everyone in my community be on a healthy path.

I stepped down from the Face to Face board quite some time ago, I love them with all of my heart and I love everything they do.  I will support them in any way I can and that is part of why I stepped down. I knew I couldn't give them the time and energy they deserved.  Maybe someday when life is a little different they will let me back on the board.


Big Train

Max, my big goofy berner is turning 6 years old on March 4th, it makes me feel old, but he still looks like a puppy and acts like one too.  In the process of  meeting and falling in love with my lovely fellow Cullen, I basically got another dog since he has Mae, she is a beautiful boxer/pit/rescue pup we often call Nugget (among other names) that also makes my heart sore! She runs with me, something I'm grateful for when she isn't yanking my arm off.  Between the two of them I have my hands full and they wear me out!  Seriously they are only dogs and can not talk or cry, and therefore when they wear me out, i think of all of my friends with Children and I wonder how you do it! Seriously?! How do you do it? Talk about people who wear many hats?  Parents I take my Many hats off to you!

Enough about me my friends what have you been up to since I last blogged here?  I want to hear your updates!

kisses + Hugs!