I'm the Wonder Woman of Optimism

I am wonder Woman I know that I write with a very positive outlook and bias on this blog, and I'll make no apologies about it.  It's not that I'm trying to make my life out as fabulous if it's not (but it is pretty great).  What I want to give you is a little dose of inspiration.  If you look at my facebook page, I try my best to only post positive, interesting or uplifting things there too.  I can get sadness or hear awful things anywhere.  What you put out into the world is what you get back, in my opinion this is a good reason to spread as much joy and optimism as I can.

If you turn on the TV or check news pages on the internet you are bombarded with negativity.  The TV is flooded with negative body images telling you that you are not skinny enough, not strong enough, not good enough, you need more stuff, you could be funnier, and that's just the commercials. Turn on the news and you are bombarded with miseries.  Yes, many bad things happen, and I'm certainly not saying that you should turn your head and pretend that they don't happen.  Living in denial is not a good place to be either.  I do think we need to look to the bright side more often.  We need to embrace the good and train our eyes to look for things that we can be grateful for.

What good would it to do for  me to write a blog and tell you I'm exhausted and don't know how I'm going to get through each day? Why would I even want to focus on that?  If I focus on the "I can't, or the I don't want to" thoughts that creep in from time to time then I would never do half of the things I do.  Life is very hard, and not everything is roses.  Sometimes awful things happen and it feels like a lot of times they happen to good people, don't ignore that, but try to find the good in it.

I firmly believe you can find good in most situations.  As I sit here writing to you, dust bunnies are collecting on the floor and I'm going to go run instead of vacuum.  Dishes are piling up, but like I said it's sunny (even if it is cold) and time for a run so forget the should do's and think about what you want, what's most important.  The good in this situation is that I know the run is better for my mental health than the cleaning.

We could make a list of a bazillion things that are hard and stress us out, but I challenge you to make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for, or that made you happy or that you are looking forward to.  Then re-read them to yourself.  Here are my 10.

The Bright Side...

1) Even though I'm tired I gotten up and I've worked hard this weekend!  I've taught 2 yoga classes so far, and I'm pretty sure it makes people feel better about themselves when they come to my yoga class.  I get to make a difference for people even if it's a little difference. 2) My fellow came home early from his fishing trip and I'm grateful he's back. 3) I finished a book yesterday and I'm on track with my goal of reading 2 books a month 4) I made time to sit with cup of coffee and melt my brain on facebook and it felt great! (It's a vice I know, but I'm not giving it up) 5) I'm feeling healthy even if I'm tired. 6) I'm having fun running and I'm looking forward to watching my body get stronger and faster as I pick up the miles. 7) I made Cullen Cinnamon Rolls before I went to teach yoga this morning and it made me happy to think about him waking up to the surprise while I was teaching. 8) I get to go to a yoga teacher training weekend in Asheville next weekend and I'm grateful that I'm close to done with my 500 hour certification.  It makes me feel like I've accomplished something important 9) I'm grateful for the dog cuddles this weekend. 10) I'm looking forward to breakfast with a friend before work tomorrow.

I'm the wonder woman of optimism and I plan on staying that way.  It makes life a little easier.  It's make accomplishing your goals easier.  To be a wonder woman of optimism you must acknowledge that not everything is easy and that's what makes it a great accomplishment.  We all have hard obstacles to overcome, but can you look on the bright side anyway?  Can you stop, be mindful and find the beauty of the present moment anyway?

Will you share your 10 positive, grateful thoughts with us below?

Hugs, -Alisha