You had the power all along...

Wizard of Oz

Skirt Magazine has a blog, and yesterday they posed the question "If you could ask the Wizard of OZ for something what would it be"?  Brain, heart, courage, the ability to go home?  It got me thinking.

I've loved the Wizard of Oz since I was very little.  My mom told me a story recently that I'd never heard about myself.   When I was extremely young, maybe even before the age of 4 the Wizard of Oz came on our small black and white TV (it was broken more times than it was on).  My parents were tired and they told me it was time to go to bed. I said no I wanted to watch the movie.  To illustrate their point they turned out all of the lights and told me that they were going to go to bed and I needed too as well as they walked up stairs.  You must know that I hated being in the dark, and I hated being downstairs by myself, but I'm sure I must have also been enchanted, by Judy Garland's crooning.  I've always been fascinated with her talent, now I know when this fascination first sparked.

Despite the fact that I hated the dark and didn't like to be downstairs alone, according to my mom I stayed downstairs and watched the whole movie there, by myself start to finish and proceeded to sleep on the couch as well.

The Wizard of Oz has many amazing lessons, but one of biggest is to know that you don't need to go searching outside your own back yard for what you needed.  In Yoga terms, that means you have everything you need already, inside yourself.

Knowing that, I'd ask the Wizard, "to help me better see what I've got inside myself"  I want to know what it is I've already got inside.  Sometimes, it can be hard to know yourself well, but I'm going to keep searching, and I'll be sure to only look  inside myself!