It's the simple things

CandleThere is no time right now for long walks after dinner. There is not enough time for all of the things I want to fit into a day. Some time my feet hit the ground at 4am, and don't stop until after 9pm. My days are long but that doesn't stop me from taking time to find joy in the small things. Last night I fit a bubble bath in between work and my 7pm Yoga class. It was awesome. 25 minutes of technology free time, 25 minutes of stillness, 25 minutes, of nothing. aahhhhhhh ...

It wasn't even an hour, but it was 25 minutes all to myself and it was a delightful way to re-charge and center before teaching my evening class. It was a good thing too, because I had an entire class of Guilford College students at the studio. They were amazing, not only did they come for class they stayed for nice little talk about where I've been and what I've been doing since I graduated from Guilford. It was neat to share, reflect and hopefully inspire.

How do you stop and take moments to nurture yourself in the midst of busyness?

Here's another question that Mai (the amazing Guilford teacher that brought her students to my class)  asks of the Guilford graduates that speak to her students "If you could tell your graduating self one thing, what would it be?"  Let us know what you'd tell your graduating self!