Gratitude and Shooting Stars

E. Gilbert
E. Gilbert

Yesterday after coming clean to you that I'm not always a being of enlightened sunshine I felt better.  Some times you just need to knowledge the rough patch to be able to move through it.  Don't let your rut become Chronic.

The Quote up above was sent to me via face book from a friend who read yesterday's post.  I think it rings true.  Cultivate your own joy, cultivate your own happiness, it takes work like everything else.

I also found inspiration from Tammy Stroble's Blog post yesterday and I wanted to share with you what I'm grateful for.

1) I'm grateful for the dogs that greet me when I come home

2) I'm grateful for a warm bed to sleep in

3) I'm grateful for my friends who love me and provide me with endless inspiration

4)I'm grateful for my health able body.

5) I'm grateful for morning running

6) I'm grateful for being a yoga teacher and getting to share yoga with my community.

7) I'm grateful for last night's full restful sleep

8) I'm grateful for fruit and veggies that make me feel good

9) I'm grateful for a job that pays me what i need to take care of myself

10) I'm grateful that I have a yoga retreat coming up in April not a teacher training, but an actual retreat for me

My list could go on, but I'll spare you the rest. What are you grateful for today?  I encourage you to take 5 minutes, stop what you are doing and physically write it out.  It will make a difference.

kisses, -Lish

*P.S. Did I mention I saw a shooting star at the end of my 4 mile run this morning?  It was glorious, just like you.