Greensboro Creative Community: Spreading the GSO Love

Connections Around the Table Last night I had the privilege to attend synergy's bi-month networking/enrichment event called "Making Connections Around the Table".  If you live in Greensboro have you ever been?  If you don't live in Greensboro, believe me, you wish you did for so many reasons, but certainly because we have events like this.

Making Connections around the table last night was magical.  There were 4 presenters, 4 incredibly creative, motivated and inspiring people talking about what they are doing artistically to build community in Greensboro (that is what I took away from the event anyway).

I would definitely check out what these 4 people are up to if I were you.

George Scheer: Founder of Else Where

Lee Walton: Artist and Professor at UNCG:

Paula Damasceno: Photographer documentary maker

Zeke Vantrese: Creator of many things, like the Indie Market, Hand to Hand market to name a few

I hope that I've given you a little inspiration this Friday afternoon.

xoxoxo- Lish