5 ideas for self care

Take Time to Sweat
Take Time to Sweat

Times have been a little trying as of late.  Life changes, working two full-time jobs between Lincoln and the studio, you name it and it feels like it's happening.  I'm happy with what I'm doing and where I'm going, but frankly I'm exhausted (exhausted feels like the theme of my life right now).   I'm sure you've been there too, right?  You feel like you're burning the candles at both end and you can't catch a break?  You feel like you keep dropping the ball on something, either work, friends, family, the sweet dog, or dropping the ball on what you need to take care of yourself.

I've decided out of these 5 things, work, friends, family, the dog, and self-care, self-care must come before the rest.  last weekend I got a little break, three full days off.  Those three full days off did include a lot of driving, but aside from that they also included a lot of rest, relaxation, good food and drink, and frankly it helped me put a few things in perspective.  I can't be a good co-worker, employee, teacher, family member, friend or pet owner if I don't take better care of myself.

What events in your life brought this need front and center for you, or have you always been good at taking care of yourself?  Here are a few things that I've decided are a must in order to practice good self-care.

1)I must have one day off a week that I don't work, at Lincoln, teach yoga or work the business. I've been glossing over my one day off a week if someone needs a sub or I think it's a good way to promote the business, but I'll be a better teacher if I take a full day off.  You should make sure you have at least one day off a week too!  Think about how much better you are able to function when your body and mind have had a chance to rest.

2) My Mediation practice is a must.  Honestly meditation does not always make me feel better while I'm practicing it.  Sometimes my mind becomes a crucible of space for really ugly thoughts that I need to acknowledge,. but let go of .  What I can tell you meditation does is teach you how to handle each day.  Meditation won't help you unless you take what you learn on that cushion into your life.  I notice a difference almost right away.  Are you meditating regularly now?  If so how do you think it helps you?

3) Sweat. I need to move the body and so do you. The research backs me up on this so don't argue.  I don't necessarily have hard time getting some movement in every day because of the yoga teaching, but that isn't really enough.  I need to run, ride, get my heart rate up.  I'm working on getting better at this.  What are your tips and tricks for fitting in a run or ride when you are short on time?

4) Sleep.  When all else fails more sleep is usually what I need.  This can be a tricky one for me because I often have to choose between a little more sleep or getting up to work out (see #3).  I do already go to bed insanely early.  Do you have this problem?  Naps on the weekend help get me through!

5) Massage.  A massage can tax the pocket-book a bit, but oh man, it makes me feel like a brand new person and I know it's a precaution against injury and stress.  I consider a massage an investment in my future health. As a matter of fact I think I'll book one today!

What are your 5 quick tips for self-care?

hugs and kisses! -Alisha