Morning Runner


It's saturday, a normal person would be sleeping in, instead I lay awake in my bed at 5:30 am wishing I could will my body back to sleep.   "This isn't natural I think to myself" as I proceed to lay in bed for the next hour and a half wishing that I could just sleep a bit more, after all I still feel tired.  Did I mention saturday is my only day off a week?  It seems too early to get out of bed, but I'm not sure what else I'm going to do since I'm wide awake.

I grumpily let the dog out, feed him, give him scratches and change into my running clothes.   I bundle up and put on too many layers as usual, after all who wants to be cold?  I slip out the front door hoping that I haven't woken up my roommates.  The air is brisk, still doesn't feel like spring even though it's supposed to creep up into the 60's today with actual sunshine.  The neighborhood seems still, I must be the only nerd wide awake this early on a saturday with no specific plans.  I hear the birds and the crickets, I don't hear cars or noises of other people, it's nice.  I stop and try to savor the moment of just being alone.  I take a breath of fresh cold morning air and I begin jogging.

I have a 4 mile route from my house I like to trot along, and today I fall into my own rhythm easily.  Running is feeling better and better theses days, I have a hard time understanding people's aversion to it.  Maybe it just feels good because of all the yoga I do, maybe it feels good because I don't actually push myself to get faster, I just want to run... who knows, for whatever reason it satisfies something deep inside.   The sun is starting to come up a little higher, I'm getting warmer and take off the little gloves and hat I knew I wouldn't actually need.

Spring Garden is one of the streets I run on, I wouldn't exactly call this part of it pretty.  As much as I love Greensboro, I wouldn't put most parts Spring Garden on any visitor center brochures, but at least it has a bike lane.  I'm sure I could find a nicer street to run on, but it would be harder to come up with an even 4 miles.  I doge a few rouge trash cans, run past a man smoking a cigaret, run past the "classy" Adam and Eve store.  I'm thankful it's still early and I'm alone.  I focus on my breath and the feeling of my feet touching the ground.  I relish the fact that no one needs anything from me in this moment.

When I finally turn onto the street that is my last half mile or so until home the sun is really up now and I'm pointing east.  Ah, the sun, it feels so good, I'm sweating, that was the goal.  I feel good, grounded, alive.  I run past the newest farmers market opening today that I'll be meeting my friends at shortly, I head home happy to have those 4 miles in the books before it's even 8am.

I grab a cup of coffee, give the dog more scratches, shower and meditate before walking to the farmers market/brunch with my friends.  Now what to do with the rest of the day?  Maybe a nap...