Weekly Wrap UP

IMG_0953 art journal pages

I decided I needed a little Budha in my life.

My new corner workspace

Babar is one of my all time favorite children's books!

What I see out my front door

Nugget was not being helpful.  She was being a big lazy bottom!

Big Train!

One of my favorite bloggers does a weekly recap of everything that she has accomplished during the week and her wish list for the weekend.  I love this idea as it give you the perspective on everything that you accomplished during the week as well what you would like to do for the weekend.  It's a way of reflecting on how you spent your time.  I think that I'll start sharing this with you each Friday as well. I hope that you will find it helpful.

Weekly Recap Cleaned/Organized my Room/Nested Penned 3 Blog posts Taught 6 Yoga Classes Monday-Sunday Attended a lovely informal dinner with a good friend Worked at Lincoln for 36 Hours 5 Personal yoga practice sessions minimum of 20 minutes each (just me and the mat gotta keep up the personal practice!) Researched Art Therapy Low Residency Program at the Pratt Institute Drafted the May Newsletter for the studio Planned a Special Friday Night Restorative class Pet sat Nugget the wonder dog Journaled oodles of pages Read The Travels of Babara while drinking a cup of tea Began reading Pema Chondron's Book The Wisdom of no Escape Printed Flyers to hang up around GSO for GCY Planned Friday Night's Meeting for Yoga Teachers and Staff at the GCY Researched a clothing Line to sell at the studio Eye Brow appointment (gotta keep up the self-care)

Weekend Wish List Host a Meeting for my yoga teachers and Staff Spend time meditating Take a Hike Finish the May Newsletter Take a Yoga Class Ride My Bike Go for a run Teach 1 Yoga Class Take a Nap Volunteer for the Family Promise 5k (I'm manning the registration booth!) join us if you are in the area

What's on your weekend wish list?  Did you get a lot accomplished this weekend?