Sleepy Sunday and Weekend Love

IMG_1009 Some times I get to sleep in and take naps on the weekend, and sometimes I don't.  This is one of those weekends that I don't really get that luxury, but I've been able to do lots of other fantastic things.

Like volunteer at a 5k For Family Promise.

Checking people in at the race!

Talk to a good, dear old friend and make plans for a visit.

Have coffee with a another good friend and her beautiful son.

Teach a Sunday Morning Power Flow.

Run lots of errands.

Create special studio marketing pieces for the hospice wellness fair that I'll be attending on Tuesday.

Hand written quotes to go with Tea and  class schedule.

The finished product, I hope they like it!

Write Snail mail.


Now I think it's time to put letters in the mail, and get a mani and pedi:)