Weekly Wrap up May 10th

Yes I wore the hooded sweat shirt the entire 22 miles, no this was not my first ride. Wine glass with wine and LUNCH!

Art Journaling time


my soon to be home

This is my attempt to recognize just how much I actually do every week.  I hope that it will inspire you.

Weekly Wrap Up

22 Mile Bike ride at the MS Gears for Cheers ride: Grove Vineyard winery Saturday Evening/Afternoon of  Art Journaling a business journal and working on "Creative + Conscious Business e-course" Sunday Morning Shopping trip to my favorite grocery store Deep Roots Ran a total of 11 miles part of them with my buddy Alli two 15 minute meditation sessions viewed and made offer and had offer accepted on a Art's and Crafts style Bungalow in Westerwood had a nice sunday evening dinner with a great friend penned "Getting colder" penned "art Journaling" taught 8 yoga classes created a rough draft of a presentation for something at Lincoln Finished reading Pema Chondron's "The Wisdom of no Escape and the path of loving kindness" cuddled with and walked big train

Weekend Wish List

Teach a free class at the Lululemon Show room in Greensboro go to the the symphony go for a long bike ride go for a long run Teaching a private lesson take a nap