Meaningful Monday's: May 13th

View from my saturday morning Farmers market run. Today I'm launching Meaningful Monday's, I'll share something to help us find a little meaning in a day that can sometimes be tough to muddle through. Meaningful Monday's will be one of my weekly Monday post with an intention of bringing you a little joy, spark of inspiration or meaning in an otherwise dismal day.

Today's meaningful moment was inspired by a quick Saturday morning stop into the farmers market.  Saturday morning the Greensboro Downtown farmers Market on Yancyville is hoping!

The market is my favorite Saturday Morning place. I only really went in to grab a cup of coffee from my bud who roasts his own beans and has a delicious Sumatra blend. Of course I ended up with and arm full of Bread and cheese as well.  As soon as I walked in the door A smile spread across my face and I was so overwhelmed with inspiration and happiness I could have cried.  I'm not sure what exactly it is, maybe it's the buzz of people, the smell of fresh flowers and produce, the sounds of people clamoring about.  Whatever it is I feel inspired and enlivened when I walk in and see the market full to the brim with people supporting local farmers, local crafters, and local commerce.  It is by far my favorite stop of any weekend task.

The farmers market makes me feel happy and fully alive.  Our Greensboro Downtown farmers market is a meaningful place for me because it brings people together.  It supports local and it's a great place for community building.  I also know that it's only because our farmers and crafters work so hard all week-long, even on Monday's that I'm able to enjoy the fruits of their labor on the weekend.  I hope that you will visit your local farmers market soon if you don't already go.

What did you do this weekend that felt meaningful?  What meaningful monday task are you working on?