Weekly Wrap Up May 24th

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Weekly Wrap Up

ran 16.4 miles (8.4 of them with an awesome running buddy) taught 7 yoga classes taught 1 Private lesson 4 days of sitting for personal mediation 5 days of penning morning pages (the Artist's way rocks!) 1 Artist date worked 3 extra hours on Saturday at Lincoln for a special call/Sales event prepared the studio for my art journaling evening saturday night Hosted ladies at the studio for an evening of Art Journaling dinner with a friend monday evening started reading "The Artists's Way" by Julia Cameron Read  "Lean in" by Sheryl Sanberg, Amazing book!!! Could not put it down, a must read!!! work 39 hours at Lincoln penned Saturday evening studio delights penned Meaningful Monday Penned Tuesday Tidbits Worked on the June Studio Newsletter Was inspired by this article!  I want a tiny house village in Greensboro!

Weekend Wish List

Pop Up Promenade either Friday or Saturday night Clean my room ponder paint colures for the rooms in my house A hike around the lake a run lots of reading Yoga and mediation for me!