Weekly Wrap up: May 31st

Little Curly Haired Girl Seeds


Max on porch

Scavenger Hunt

Studio Pic

Curly hair Alisha

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 7 Yoga classes had 5 personal meditation sessions wrote morning pages every morning ran 14.2 miles some of them with my running buddy biked to work one day this week did a little art journaling attended a lovely cook out at my friends home for memorial day worked 32 hours at Lincoln cleaned my room dreamed about how I'll decorate my home hiked around lake Brandt Saturday night (9-10 miles) planted lots of seeds for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers (cross your fingers that they grow) penned a Poem penned a piece on teaching little girls to trust their gut instincts penned meaningful Monday's penned Tuesday Tidbits took an evening walk with a friend took a lunch time walk with a friend attended a Wednesday night work function sold my mountain bike

Weekend Wish List

Going to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Greensboro Coliseum Having an underground dinner experience with the Next Super Run Nap Artist's Date