Weekly Wrap Up 06.21.13

Snail Mail

Triad Stage

Morning Pages


Me and Big Train Friday Morning Cuddle time Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes ran 12 miles with my running buddy 7 days of morning pages sent a pile of snail mail, birthday cards to my mom, and a letter to my Grandma took an artist's date to see Tennessee Playboy at Triad Stage took a 7 mile hike saturday with some awesome mama's to be took a Saturday afternoon nap penned Meaningful Monday penned Tuesday Tidbits penned whimsical Wednesday worked 45 hours at Lincoln got excited when my Dyson was delivered purchased season tickets to triad stage started reading Nellcott is my Darling by my roommate Golda Fried went to a synergy lunch and learn about the Greensboro sc2 1m dollar idea still working on memorizing my presentation for work had a nice little night out with some beautiful yogi's thursday night cuddled with Big Train

Weekend Wish List

go for a run with my running buddy artist's date to Green Hill pack and prepare for my move: i close in one week art date with my friend Jess