Meaningful Monday 06.24.13

Pema Chodron "Relax as it is. .... Then it's up to us what happens next, ultimately, it comes down to the question of just how willing we are to lighten up and loosen our grip.  How honest do we want to be with ourselves?" -Pema Chodron

It's no secret that I have issues letting go.  For that reason alone it's funny I'm a yoga teacher, and many times you can hear me preaching to my students about letting go.  Letting it all out. Letting go of what doesn't serve us.   I'm really preaching to myself.  Ever time I tell my students to let it go, let it all dissolve away, to let go to make room for something that will serve us, every single time it's because I need to hear it too.

It feels like if I let go, if I loosen my grip then it will mean I didn't care, but I'm learning that maybe it's more caring, more loving to simply let go.  To let go not only of that which doesn't serve us, but to loosen our grip on what doesn't belong to us any longer.  I have not been doing this as gracefully as I'd like in the past few months.  Thank you for those who love me enough to point it out.  I'll do better.  It's a good thing we can learn from our mistakes.

To Answer Pema's question, I want to be completely honest with myself.  For that reason I'll do my very best to relax as it is, loosen my grip and let go of what isn't mine.