Meaningful Monday: 07.01.13

Fear Happy Monday My Dears,

last week was tumultuous for sure.  Saturday when I read chapter 7 in "The Artist's Way" I was astounded with the synchronicity of the topic. "Recovering a sense of Connection" It also touched on Jealousy which I was feeling a lot of last week.

I want to share this passage from "The Artist's Way"

"Jealousy is always a mask for fear: fear that we aren't able to get what we want; frustration that somebody else seems to be getting what is rightfully ours even if we are too frightened to reach for it.  At its root, jealousy is a stinging emotion.  It doesn't allow for the abundance and multiplicity of the universe.  Jealousy tells us there is room for only one-- one poet, one painter, one whatever you dream of being. 

The truth, revealed by action in the direction of our dreams, is that there is room for all of us.  But jealousy produces tunnel vision.  It Narrows our ability to see things in perspective.  It strips us of the ability to see other options.  The biggest lie that jealousy tells us is that we have no choice but to be jealous.  Perversely, jealousy strips us of our will to act when action holds the key to our freedom". -Julia Cameron

Don't be afraid to acknowledge your feelings.  I've been embarrassed by my feelings of jealousy in the past.  I pushed them away, I stuffed them down deep, I thought they were bad and ugly, that I was the one being ridiculous or unreasonable, but maybe I made them worse by not acknowledging them.  I might have missed what was actually the truth sitting in front of me by not letting those feelings bubble up.  By acknowledging what you feel you can address it, work (it is certainly hard work) past it and you can get to the heart of the truth.

I hope that these words will help you on your journey.