Weekly Wrap Up 07.12.13

Simple Breakfast Finished Kitchen


Weekly Wrap Up

taught 7 yoga classes taught one private lesson ran 8 miles with my running buddy 7 days of morning pages 3 personal meditation sessions 3 Yoga Home practice sessions penned kitchen before and after penned meaningful monday Amazing parents penned tuesday tidbits painted my kitchen bought a table and couch paid studio bills Bought myself Flowers had a lovely sunday impromptu rendezvous with a friend I haven't seen in a while had an awesome sunday brunch and watched The Tour De France with friends went to Lululemon design night unpacked more of my stuff worked on tasks from The Artist's Way for week 8 worked 45 hours at Lincoln cooked yummy dinners for my parents fretted over my veggie plants cuddled with Big Train

Weekend Wish List

do my presentation at work today! wine tonight on the porch w/ a friend and talking about chicken care go for a run with my running buddy go for a bike ride sub a Yoga class for a friend at the studio saturday morning Go to the farmers market Saturday morning and get a chicken for roasting represent Greensboro Community Yoga at the Earth Fare Wellness event on Saturday see the DUHKS sunday night at the blind tiger read chapter 9 of the artist's way take a nap