Tuesday Tidbits: Random 7.23.13

Once again we have another Tuesday in front of us.  I'm anxiously counting down the days, hours and minutes until my Grandmother and her husband come to visit me on Thursday.  I have full days of work, teaching, cleaning and shopping to keep me busy until they get here.  I'm looking forward to having a fantastic time with them.  Until then I'm appeasing myself with stolen moments that make me smile.  I'll share a few with you here. Last night I had the privilege of hanging out with some of the talented ladies I work with.  The picture is fuzzy I know, but it was too much fun to not share.

Ladies of the edward Jones sales desk

Sticks and Stones has a beautiful patio and the Sangria is delicious.

I drank the Sangria last night at sticks and stones.

This morning I was astounded by the size of the plants in my garden.

My Garden

A little less than three days until Grandma comes to town.  What are your favorite things to do with your grandparents?