Weekly Wrap Up: 07.26.13

New Running shoes: Brooks Pure Project Pensive Max

Downtown GSO at lunch time

It's Growing!

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 6 yoga classes took 1 yoga class ran 15 miles with running buddies signed up for the triple lakes half marathon worked 32 hours at Linoln went to a friend's birthday party finished reading "The Time Between" by Karen White started reading "She Left me the gun" by Emma Brockes made chicken broth played on pintrest trellised my tomato and cucumber plants cleaned at my house played with Max cleaned out my car: only kinda Went out with ladies from work on Monday night picked up my grandmother and her husband from the airport took my grandmother and her husband out to dinner took max for his annual check up paid bills ran a ton of errands

Weekend Wish List

Teach Restorative tonight Take the Grandparents to Seagrove Go on my first LONG run in a while take the grandparents to the farmers market take the grandparents to the national criterion races in high point host a dinner party Sunday night