Weekly Wrap Up 08.02.13

Grandma and Lionel Bike races


Dinner party

View on walk to work

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes taught 1 private lesson ran 18 miles with running buddies worked 39 hours at Lincoln took my Grandparents to Seagrove had an enchanted evening with my grandparents at Printworks worked on my garden and my yard with my grandmother hosted my grandparents at my house took my grandparents to the bike race in high point took my grandparents to church at St. Pious had friends over for a dinner party sunday night played cards with my grandparents cried when I took my grandparents to the airport planted Zucchini had a wonderful impromptu house guest during the week cleaned at my house did laundry went to cafe europa with a friend thursday night had dinner with a friend Monday night played with Max did payroll for the studio ran errands

Weekend Wish List

Teach yoga tonight go to bed tonight at 7:30 go for a long run go for a bike ride hang out with a friend go to triad stage for "meet your seat" make cookies take a nap work in my garden