Weekly Wrap up 08.09.13

Cookies hot out of the oven Banana Bread

sunday breakfast

Sunflowers on my table

The garden is Growing

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 8 yoga classes ran 14.5miles with running buddies worked 43 hours at Lincoln had a lovely friday evening on the porch with a friend took a saturday nap worked my garden mowed my lawn baked banana bread baked cookies went to Triad Stage meet your seat picked up the last piece to a baby shower gift had a leisurely saturday evening with a friend killed a mouse in my kitchen had a visit with my therapist Monday took the car in for an oil change and tire patch watching the Zucchini plant and other garden plants get bigger played with Max

Weekend Wish List

Teach yoga tonight order food trays from The Fresh Market for my house-warming party have dinner with a friend tonight do a weekend long 9 mile run go to a baby shower host house-warming party make cookies take a nap work in my garden mow my lawn