Weekly Wrap Up 08.16.13

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Shit Kickers

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 9 yoga classes ran 19.5 miles with running buddies wrote two days of morning pages worked 45 hours at Lincoln Had dinner with a friend at Salivinos and a nigh cap at Green Valley Friday night Made a personalized card for the baby shower I was attending Went to an awesome baby shower Saturday cleaned my house did laundry bought a new outfit for work Hosted my house-warming party did grocery shopping cooked a yummy meal of roasted veggies sunday  evening from a cook book I got at my house-warming penned Meaningful Monday created and dropped off a special care package for a friend (it's fun to give random surprises) made dinner with a friend at my house Monday night worked my garden watching the Zucchini plant and other garden plants get bigger played with Max

Weekend Wish List

Teach yoga tonight, saturday morning, and two classes on sunday host a friend from out-of-town this evening Grill dinner for the out-of-town friend do a weekend long 10 mile run work on cleaning up the downtown Greenway work in my garden mow my lawn Try making a fig tart take a nap