Weekly Wrap Up 08.18.13

Erin and I Walk to End Alzheimer's


I haven't blogged in a while and it feels like I'm getting soft, not doing enough or staying on top of things the way I need to.  In an effort to get back to my organized and systematic ways I'm starting my weekly wrap up back up!  What were your accomplishments this week?  Big or small they all matter!  What's on your weekend wish list?

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 6 yoga classes taught 1 private lesson ran 11 miles walked 14.7 miles worked 40 hours at Lincoln work book club cleaned my house did laundry Went to a Friday night dinner at Josephine's with my Cousin Erin Participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer Hike Around the Lake with my Cousin Saturday Lunch at Sticks and Stones Awesome Saturday Afternoon nap Saturday Dinner at Print Works Sunday trip o the NCMA to see the Porsche 911 exhibit Dinner with the boy's family Sunday night for his birthday thursday dinner with the boy

Weekend Wish List

Dinner at Goat Lady dairy with the boy and friends teach Sunday morning power flow do a weekend long 11 mile run Clean for a yoga dinner I'm hosting Host a Thank you Dinner for my lovely yoga teachers Facial nap Sunday hike with friday Sunday Bike ride