Standing ovations and other delusions of etiquette in our Local theater

Maybe it's my passion for the theater, maybe it's that I've attended enough plays to understand how theater etiquette works, or maybe it's just because I'm a theater snob, but whatever the reason I've become increasingly disappointed in reactions to our local theater.  Greensboro is lucky to have one of the best local/regional theaters in the nation and I'm grateful for that.  I'll rave about Triad Stage to anyone who will listen, I've donated what I can afford and I've been a season ticket holder off and on over the years when my budget could afford it.  I currently have two season tickets to this year's "Lucky 13 Season", but I'm bothered by a few things I can't get off my mind. The first play in this years season was "Wait Until Dark".  Triad stage gave us a fun play with an amazing set  (as always), the lighting perfect, special effects great, acting good aside from the leading actress who had so much nervous energy she could not keep her twitching hands still that it detracted from the over all performance of the show.  The subject matter was light-hearted and not particularly moving, but it didn't need to be.  Not every play needs to be an emotional roller-coaster.  When the curtain figuratively came down, I wasn't particularly moved by a particular cast member, the over-all cast or subject so I remained in my seat.  No need to stand unless you are moved, yet the entire audience was on their feet!?  Why I'm not sure.

Greensboro, this is a plea, show some class and only stand when a show, cast or particular cast member moves you.  Triad Stage is a professional theater and we should treat it as such.  These are not your children's grade school theater productions where you stand because at that age any act of performing deserves credit.  These are paid actors, actresses, lighting technicians and directors.  I think they do a great job, but if we don't criticize then we will never push them to do better.  Do you get a bonus for doing your job well, not great but well?  I doubt it, so why give a standing ovation if it wasn't warranted

This weekend I attended "The Mountaintop" It got good reviews and I was eager to see the play only to be disappointed.  I don't trust Greensboro reviewers of plays as it feels like no one will go out on a limb and tell Triad Stage they can do better.  Let me be the one to say it, Triad Stage you can do better and you should.  This play was good, but not great, everything aside from the leading actress was just plain "ok" theater.  The Subject matter could have been compelling, the play itself was interesting, but in my opinion over all it missed the mark. Triad Stage played it safe with this show and it didn't deserve a standing ovation, yet again when the curtain came down I was surrounded by standing theater goers.

To theater reviewers in the Triad, please be a little more honest.  Let the audience know what they are really in for.

Greensboro, I'm pleading with you, don't stand up unless an actor, actress, or cast moved  you emotionally.

Triad Stage, you are good, I'm not saying this was poor theater, it's still good, but you have a talented staff and a decent budget as far as theaters go.  You are playing it safe these days.  Take more risks, move me, make me want to stand up at the end of a play.