The one Pot Wonder Tuesday 11.05.13

One pot wonder
One pot wonder

Sunday was a beautiful day and we had gained an hour thanks to daylight savings, but it left us feeling slightly off kilter.  Our normal Sunday night roasted dinner honestly just didn't feel quite right.  I was out of ideas so I headed over to my pinterest "food board".  You know you have one too,   It's the board that makes you hungry, but you rarely try a recipe from.  I decided tonight was the night and this one pot wonder would do the trick.

I'd never thought of cooking the noodles in the pot and leaving them there with the juice.  The juice mostly get's soaked up adding lots of flavor to everything.

Her recipe is good but I wanted more green veggies and there was no way I would only do 4 cloves of garlic, we honestly did more like 8 and we doubled almost tripled the chili flakes. We also added salt and pepper. I could have used 2-3 bunches do spinach instead of the one I added with the basil and I could have tripped the amount of basil she used.

We loved this dish and not only did we love it we've had scrumptious left overs all week.  Yesterday for lunch I added tuna for some protein and I had a nutritious protein packed lunch.  I will add this to a bi-weekly rotation I'm sure!

What would you add?