Weekly Wrap up 12.27.13

Alisha's Milk Chocolate Chip Walnut

Spoons out of the oven

Max Enjoying a pre-Christmas bone

Homemade Christmas Presents

A few of the 9 yogi's we had at the studio Christmas eve morning

christmas present to me "Toledo T-shirt"

untraditional Christmas Eve dinner

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 6 yoga classes ran 11 cold but refreshing miles worked 28 hours at Lincoln bought special christmas gifts Knitted, knitted, knitted lots of dish clothes for Christmas gifts made my special milk chocolate giradelli cookies for christmas gifts visited the Brand new Scuppernog's book store in Downtown Greensboro opened lots of fun christmas cards from friends wrapped oodles of gifts opened special presents from Kenneth and Kenneth's family had my first glass of St. Germain had a sunday morning breakfast at deep roots DIY'd awesome spoons Went to see Snow Queen at Triad stage had an untraditional christmas eve spent christmas day with loved ones and relaxing worked on studio marketing

Weekend Wish List Have a few friends over a for nice post christmas intimate gathering Long run Satruday Teach on Power flow sunday Ride my bike read knit Take a nap